The (Rocky) Road to the White House 2016

The (Rocky) Road to the White House 2016

On the 6th October 2015 Jon Roper, Emeritus Professor of American Studies at Swansea University gave a talk to a packed meeting on “The (Rocky) Road to the White House 2016”. Prof Roper noted that the 2016 election is already showing signs that it will be one of the most fascinating and unpredictable contests in a long time.  He went on to examine the road ahead for candidates stretching from the Iowa caucuses via the primaries in New Hampshire and South Carolina, to “Super Tuesday” and beyond, before nominations are decided at the party conventions in July.  Prof Roper provided his analysis of how events were likely to unfold and whom may be given the keys to the White House in 2016. The talk was kindly sponsored by Cardiff Sixth Form College.

The talk covered:

  • The candidates: Democrats and Republicans – political dynasties and the rise of the non-professional politician
  • The nominating process: caucuses, primaries and conventions
  • Money and media and their impact on the campaign
  • The Electoral College: how the rules influence the result
  • Who will win and why?

Students in the photographs are from Cardiff Sixth Form College who sponsored the event. Group photo is of Welsh Government and Politics AS/A2 lecturers and David Melding AM and Prof Jon Roper


Jon Roper is Professor of American Studies (Emeritus) at Swansea University. He is the author of numerous books including Democracy and Its Critics (1989) and The American Presidents: Heroic Leadership from Kennedy to Clinton (2000).  He is a frequent commentator on American politics and the presidency for various media including BBC Radio Wales.

The event is was run by the Welsh think tank Gorwel and by the Welsh Political Studies Lecturers and Teachers Society.

The master class in politics  was also sponsored by Cardiff Sixth Form College

Photographs used in illustration ©Copyright –  James Manners, NucksFan, Flickr®