Creative Politics: Building a high-bandwidth democracy

Creative Politics: Building a high-bandwidth democracy

 Creative Politics:  building a high-bandwidth democracy

On the 22nd October 2016 Adam Prince (NESTA) gave a talk to Gorwel on ‘Creative Politics: Building a High-Bandwidth Democracy’ During the talk Adam Price noted that at a time when trust in the political system and voter turnout is falling, democracy can be viewed to be in crisis.  At the same time we need ways of generating new solutions to the challenges we face as a society like never before.  Adam was able to draw upon the work he and NESTA have done around the world which has sought and used ways of designing a more creative politics for the digital age. Adam’s talk covered:

   The current “Democratic Recession”

   Politics as a creativity-free environment

   Redesigning Parliaments

   The Digital Democratic Revolution

   Festivals of Democracy

   Theory U and new democratic processed

During the talk Adam referred directly to illustrative picture slides rather than those with specific text to draw out his examples. Therefore the PowerPoint that was produced is not suitable for display without his verbal commentary. The talk was kindly sponsored by Owen Derbyshire

Photo shows:

David Melding AM, Adam Price and Owen Derbyshire


Speaker biography

Adam Price is a former Plaid Cymru Member of Parliament for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr.  An award-winning communicator and broadcaster, his most recent television series on the Miners’ Strike won a Bronze Award at this year’s New York Festivals Film and Television Awards. Graduate and former Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and currently a Senior Programme Manager at Nesta. He will be contesting his former Westminster seat at the Assembly Election in May next year.

This talk is being sponsored by Owen Derbyshire,

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