A view on the 2016 Devolved Elections – The State of the Nations | Stephen Bush | 24.02.16

A view on the 2016 Devolved Elections – The State of the Nations | Stephen Bush | 24.02.16

On 24th February 2016 Stephen Bush gave a talk entitled:

“A view on the 2016 devolved elections – The State of the Nations with the New Statesman’s Stephen Bush”

2016 will be a pivotal year in politics, with both major parties in the United States selecting their nominee for, and the electorate deciding the 45th President. Nearer to home, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, London and a number of local authorities will also go the polls, and a referendum on British membership of the EU is likely to follow within months. These elections will serve as the first real litmus test for the first Conservative majority government in two decades and of the new leaders of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

What will these results mean for the leaders of the main parties, the parties themselves and for the future direction of British politics?

As one of the UK’s leading political journalists, Stephen Bush has made some of the most consistently accurate political predictions – from the possibility that the opinion polls for the general election would be proven wrong to the likelihood of Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership when few considered either possible.

Speaker biography

Stephen Bush is the Editor of The Staggers – the New Statesman’s political blog. He previously served as Assistant Comment Editor for The Daily Telegraph – with responsibility for producing its Morning Briefing and is a Contributing Editor to Progress Online. Stephen is a graduate of the University of Oxford, where he served as Co-Chair of the University Labour Club.