"Keeping the Politicians on Track"

“Keeping the Politicians on Track”

“Keeping the politicians on track” – “The Dog and the Lampost – But which is which?”

Craig Woodhouse Chief Political Correspondent of The Sun newspaper 

On the evening of 20th April 2016, Craig Woodhouse Chief Political Correspondent of The Sun newspaper gave a public lecture on “Keeping the politicians on track” – How can journalism effectively scrutinise both government and opposition in the digital news era. The talk was sponsored by Cardiff Metropolitan University and held at their Llandaff Campus.

The talk was proceed by a brief introduction by Prof Deacon who explained the political theory on the role that the media plays both at election time and in general in keeping the government in check.

At the start of his talk Craig Woodhouse posed the proposition that the relationship between politicians and the media is like that between “The dog and the lamppost”. But, which was which he conjectured? The talk by Craig Woodhouse noted that traditionally, the media had taken the role of both promoter of government and political parties but also that of scrutiniser and sometime unofficial opposition.  Craig then went through the various ways that he as a journalist and his paper interact with the political world of Westminster, including the ‘lobby system’. During his talk he was able to give numerous examples of how government’s seek to manipulate the media and at the same time how the media seeks to manipulate government. Craig was also able to undertake an extensive question and answer session which enabled a number of aspiring journalists to field their own questions. After this the audience were left by themselves to decide whether the media was the dog or the lamppost!


The talk was supported by Cardiff Metropolitan University