Welsh Assembly Elections Business Debate

Welsh Assembly Elections Business Debate


On Monday 25th April Gorwel together with Welsh ICE (Innovation Centre for Enterprise) held a Welsh Assembly Elections Business Debate in Caerphilly.

The business hustings examined “Creating the right political climate for a growing business economy”

The hustings were chaired by Gareth Jones (Welsh ICE). The five parties representatives were:

David Melding (Conservatives)

Hefin David (Labour)

Veronica German (Welsh Liberal Democrats)

Delyth Jewell (Plaid Cymru)

Sam Gould (UKIP)

During the talk it was noted that both the Welsh economy and business development remain some of the most important policy aspects of the forthcoming Welsh Assembly elections for all political parties. Many topics related to business were covered in the talk. These included whether there was the need to encourage more venture capital in Wales or understand how a new Welsh Assembly government will deal with its future tax raising powers with respect to business and the role of business within the European Union. .

This joint session on the 25th April between Welsh ICE, Gorwel and sponsored by the BVCA allowed both the political parties to set out their business platform the audience and chair to ask questions on their policies.

The pictures show the panel, speakers and audience at the event

This talk was sponsored by the BVCA – British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association