Getting the best university education for everyone in Wales | 01.11.16

Getting the best university education for everyone in Wales | 01.11.16

On the 1st of November Deborah Streatfield, MyBigCareer gave a talk on the work of MyBigCareer and some of the methods that can be used to help young people achieve their educational goals.

The talk covered:

  • The barriers to academic progress, how and why she believes these have arisen and what can be done about removing them?
  • Lessons from across the UK on how to improve the chances of fairer access to higher education for all
  • Career guidance; exceptional ideas to support students form Year 7 – 8
  • Where are the best sources of free support for teachers and students
  • Personal Statement and Reference writing guidance for Oxbridge and competitive courses
  • US Universities and EU University support and guidance for finance and preparation tests.
  • Clearing and Adjustment advice for Results Day; playing the system and tricks to success.
  • Degree Apprenticeships; how can the least advantaged navigate the mess!

In the talk Deborah outlined how MyBigCareer has helped students from the most disadvantaged background raise their aspirations and provided them with guidance on apprenticeships and work, gaining access to the most competitive universities and courses. Deborah also highlighted various schemes that are available to schools across the UK to support for students and also offer an alternative to the university route.


Pictures show Deborah Streatfield and David Melding AM

Images used in the illustration by Pablo Fernández (Oxford) and Phil Carlton (Brick Wall) | Flickr