Gorwel 'Brexit' – What next for Wales Conference | 21.11.16

Gorwel ‘Brexit’ – What next for Wales Conference | 21.11.16

On the 21st of November Gorwel held a Brexit Conference at The Angel Hotel in Cardiff. The conference brought together feelings of optimism and a vision from some of the leading business figures within Brexit in Wales and the UK. Panel members also explored Brexit from a more pragmatic background and examined the potential pitfalls that Wales may face in the coming months and years.

John Mills, Founder and Chairman of JML opened the conference with an inspiring speech. Our academic panel chaired by Cllr William Powell featured Dr. Jo Hunt from the Wales Governance Centre and Dr. Thomas Prosser, Senior Lecturer in European Social Policy who each spoke about the challenges their respective fields may face. The financial services panel chaired by Dr. Meirion Morgan featured a range of business experts: Debra Williams – Independent Non-Executive Board Member, Ben Cottam – Head of External Affairs, FSB, Paul Langley – Managing Director of OSTC Foreign Exchange and Keith Burge – Director of the IED. The financial panel discussed the impact Brexit will have on business and societies in Wales, with Keith Burge stating that “There is NOTHING good about Brexit. Being realistic, the focus is on damage limitation.” However this conference went beyond the world of pro or anti Brexit arguments and sought to provide some answers to the difficult question – what does Brexit truly means for Wales?

In this period where very little is known about the true affects of Brexit, the conference provided an open and frank discussion – many found it refreshing to hear some of the most knowledgeable business and academic expertise to share their current knowledge, aspirations, hopes and fears concerning Brexit.

Pictures show David Melding AM, Professor Russell Deacon, Dr. Meirion Morgan, Cllr William Powell, John Mills, Dr. Thomas Prosser, Dr. Jo Hunt, Ben Cottam, Paul Langley, Debra Williams and Keith Burge.