Fairness Between the Generations | 10.11.16

Fairness Between the Generations | 10.11.16

Event sponsored by Nick Ramsay AM

Fairness Between the Generations
By Lord David Willetts (Chair of the Resolution Foundation)

On the 10th of November Lord David Willett, Chair of the Resolution Foundation gave a talk at the National Assembly for Wales on the economic differences between generations.

The talk explored the future prospects of younger people, and the state, looking at the long-term demographic, economic and political drivers of disparities between the generations – which Lord Willetts considers to be one of the key issues of our time.

The talk covered:

  • The current trend of redistribution from young to old via the welfare state
  • Divergence in generational earnings, incomes and assets
  • The generational voting gap that has opened up in recent years, and how this relates to policy choices
  • Prospects for renewing the intergenerational contract that underpins our society

In the talk Lord Willets focused highlighted three drivers of generational imbalances: the labour market; the welfare states and wealth and assets. Willetts emphasized the need for policy to address these issues in order to effectively overcome disconnection across generation.

This talk was kindly supported by Cardiff Metropolitan University and Nick Ramsay AM.

Pictures show Lord David Willets, Nick Ramsay AM, Dr. Meirion Morgan and Vice Chancellor Professor Cara Aitchison.

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The talk is kindly supported by Cardiff Metropolitan University

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