A Talk with Dan Snow | 06.12.16

A Talk with Dan Snow | 06.12.16

On the 6th of December historian Dan Snow gave an enthralling talk on the life and career of his great-great-grandfather David Lloyd George at the National Assembly for Wales.

The talk celebrated the life and legacy of David Lloyd George and explored his journey to becoming the first Welsh prime minister in British history. Dan offered a unique perspective into Lloyd George’s life from both a historical and personal family perspective. He also provided a great insight into Lloyd George’s political career from Leader of the Liberal Party, Chancellor of the Exchequer to Prime Minister. Following from this, over the next six years he lead a coalition government that among other things won the First World War, settled the interwar political period with the Treaty of Versailles and undertook the separation of Ireland from the rest of the UK. He directly addressed the role and importance of this Welsh man who shaped the history not only of his time but a man who’s legacy still shapes the modern day world.


This event was sponsored by Cardiff Metropolitan University and The Lloyd George Society.


Pictures show Dan Snow, David Melding AM, Professor Russell Deacon, Dr. Meirion Morgan, Dan Peterson, Professor Cara Aitchison and Barbara Wilding. 

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