How will the new Obama presidency affect Wales?

How will the new Obama presidency affect Wales?

On the 5th November 2012 Gorwel and the National Welsh American Foundation held a meeting addressed by Professor Jon Roper (Swansea University). Professor Roper is an expert on both American Presidents and the Presidential elections systems. After Professor Roper had addressed the meeting on the prospects for the American election, which were occurring the following day, there were a number of contributions and a wider discussion from those attending.

The audience were also allowed to put questions to Professor Roper. Perhaps the most important question addressed was:

What impact would the election of either Romney or Obama have on the Welsh economy?

To which, Professor Roper brought the meetings attention to the fact that the so called ‘fiscal cliff’, concerning addressing the budget deficit would impact on whoever won. If this was not addressed quickly it could bring not only Wales but also the wider world economy back into recession.

Professor Roper also addressed a variety of other questions including whether Obama’s second term might be more fruitful than his first? and what impact there may be for Wales with Mitt Romney having a wife of direct Welsh decent?

Those attending the talk engaged in some lively discussion and a number of those leaving the meeting expressed a regret that they would not be able to vote the following day in the elections after having their interest enhanced by Professor Roper’s talk.

The meeting was chaired by Gorwel’s own President, David Melding AM.  David had himself studied at William and Mary University in Virginia and has continued to have a keen eye on American politics. Jonathan Morgan represented the National Welsh American Foundation who cohosted the event. After the meeting had finished Professor Roper left to go to the American Embassy for the Presidential elections party.