Britain's Devolutionary Road Map! | 9.1.18

Britain’s Devolutionary Road Map! | 9.1.18

“Britain’s Devolutionary Road Map! A UK wide perspective

Kevin Hague, businessman and Chair of the think tank These Islands

Talk to be held at the National Assembly for Wales, Cardiff Bay, The Old Debating Chamber, 6.30 pm – 8 pm, 9th January 2018

Modern Britain has been one of the most stable countries in the world. For the past 300 years, the union between England and Scotland – founded in turn upon the much older union between England and Wales – has held fast. Recently, though, the future of the United Kingdom has become a topic of increasingly convulsive debate. Two referendums have served as lightning rods for existential questions about the country’s identity. The 2014 referendum on Scottish independence put the very survival of the United Kingdom at stake; last year’s Brexit referendum has left the question of how its constituent nations should relate to one another very much up for grabs. These are unsettling times – but also exciting ones in determining likely futures for Britain’s devolutionary development.

Kevin Hague, Chairman of the think tank These Islands, addresses the various challenges facing the devolved political systems in the UK upto 2021 (next devolved elections). In his talk Kevin will draw up his business and professional experience in particular he will examine:

  • Defining what the concepts of unionism mean with respect to each nation state and how these may develop in the next five years!
  • The current state of political developments in Scotland and how events there may shape the future of the Union;
  • Possible future fiscal changes for financing devolution including the future of the Barnet formula
  • Anything else???

Kevin in his talk will draw on his wealth of knowledge and practical experience of Scottish and UK political developments, which remains current and up-to-date.

Kevin Hague

Kevin Hague is a Scottish businessman (CEO of PetsPlanet) and political commentator who rose to prominence during the Scottish Independence Referendum as somebody who wanted to encourage well-informed debate, in particular on matters relating to economics. Besides his “day job” as an active company director and investor, he has a regular column in Scotland’s Daily Record and is an active blogger (chokkablog) and media contributor.

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