News Journalism in Wales - Bethan Sayed AM | 20.03.19

News Journalism in Wales – Bethan Sayed AM | 20.03.19

Bethan Sayed AM will be giving a Gorwel lecture at the National Assembly for Wales on the 20thof March, about her work in the role as Chair of the National Assembly’s Culture, Welsh Language and Communications Committee. Bethan has been an Assembly Member representing South Wales West since 2007, when she was elected at the age of just 25. She is currently Plaid Cymru’s spokesperson for Post-16 Education, Skills and Innovation.

Bethan became the chair of the new Culture, Welsh Language and Culture Committee in July 2016. With Bethan as Chair, the Committee has undertaken research and produced reports on a variety of subjects, including Radio in Wales, the impact of Brexit on culture and the Welsh language, and access to music education.

This talk will focus on the Committee’s research into the importance of News Journalism in Wales. An inquiry was launched by the Committee in 2017, looking into the provision for news journalism in Wales and Welsh Government support for it, and innovative models to support it, both within Wales and internationally. Bethan has been a leading figure in highlighting the issue of a dwindling local news sector, noting that “the real issue in Wales isn’t fake news, in many cases, it’s no news at all”.

This talk promises to be a fascinating insight into an incredibly important area of work in Wales, with repercussions for communities across the country.


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