The Role of By-Elections in Welsh Political History

The Role of By-Elections in Welsh Political History

The Role of By-Elections in Welsh Political History

Neuadd, Welsh Assembly | 18:00 – 20:00 | Wednesday, 19th June, 2019
Event Sponsored by David Melding AM

Delyth Jewell (Plaid AM) and Huw Edwards (former Labour MP) will be on the panel.

In April 2019, Newport West became the latest battleground in the Brexit war that has left British society its most divided in decades. Ironically, this came as a result of the by-election following the tragic death of Paul Flynn, a politician who commanded respect across the political divide, both in Wales and in Westminster. 

Throughout history, these by-elections have offered the chance to take the major issues in Welsh and British politics and see how they affect specific areas and the people of the local area. And, as we have seen, they can sometimes have major consequences for politics, government and society. This was most obviously the case in the by-election of 1922, also in Newport West, the story of which was outlined by Daran Hill in a recent Wales Online article 

This event at the National Assembly will host a thought-provoking discussion of the role of several by-elections in Welsh political history, with discussion by academics and politicians on their impact on the development of our politics both in Westminster and the National Assembly. Food and drink will be provided and to register, please email or use the form below

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