Research at Gorwel

As improving the competitiveness and international ranking of the Welsh economy is at the heart of Gorwel’s ethos it is therefore not unsurprising that research at Gorwel is centred around the what the World Economic Forum define as the 12 Pillars of Competitiveness.  So what exactly is competitiveness? In December 2012 the Senior European Experts Group defined it simply as:

Competitiveness is about the ability of a company or a country to sell goods or services in the market compared to the ability of other companies or countries to sell in the same market.  How competitive a company or a country is depends on a range of factors – including labour costs; regulatory burden; productivity; skills; innovation; infrastructure; and other factors.

Competitiveness is important to a nation because it is also linked closely with the economic wealth of a nation, the more competitive the nation the higher is the individual wealth of those within that nation. Although the UK as a whole often scores highly in this global competitiveness index when the Welsh figures are extracted they paint a different picture. It is therefore those 12 pillars of the global competitiveness index that form the core of Gorwel’s research work.


Source: Insight Report, World Economic Forum, The Global Competitiveness Report 2012-2013, page 8

Research Projects and other outputs

Gorwel has undertaken an examination of the Welsh planning system, with respect to business development, in conjunction with the Federation of Small Businesses. There has also been an assessment of the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 and various other aspects of the Welsh economy. At the same time the short ideas papers have covered a variety of topics ranging from establishing elected mayors across Wales to the need for a youth parliament.

Gorwel has developed an extensive speaker programme, which explores both Welsh, UK and international aspects of business, public affairs and culture. This has attracted top speakers from across Wales and the UK. These events are offered free to people wishing to attend.  Many of these speakers have themselves been able to project their own innovative research ideas to a wider Welsh audience. We have also been successful in gaining sponsorship from a number of organisations and in 2015 this included funding from the National Lottery to run a national blog competition. The winners of this and their entries can be found on our website.

Gorwel has a number of advisors to help it within its working groups, which include academics from the Universities of Cardiff, Swansea and Glamorgan plus Cardiff and Swansea Metropolitan Universities. There is also expertise within these working groups from the worlds of business, government research and politics.


Health and Social Care Working Group

The health and social care working group of GORWEL started its work in February 2013. It aims to produce working papers for GORWEL that focus on the Welsh care sector. At present, the group is chaired by Dr. Axel Kaehne and has produced its first report on the Social Services Bill which is published on the GORWEL website..

Helen Taylor form the School of European Languages, Translation and Politics at Cardiff University is co-author of the report.

To contact the group email:



Gorwel produces various publications.

They are split into three categories – Research Reports | Short Ideas Papers | History Publications