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15.4.2018 | Playing the royal card: A royal palace for Wales? Is it time to put Wales on an equal footing with the other nations of the UK?


The study is entitled “Playing the royal card”. It examines the economic, social and political pros and cons of having a royal palace established in Wales. At the moment Wales is the only country in the United Kingdom not to have a royal palace/residence for the monarch. There are currently a number in England and Scotland and one in Northern Ireland. Although the Prince of Wales does have a private residence in Wales, there is no official residence for the monarch, which makes Wales distinct. The report offers various options for building a new palace or adapting an existing building. It explores the economic case, if the royal palace is situated in Cardiff.

Download the Report here: 2793 GORWEL Royal Palace Report-04


06.02.2017 | Has Wales Developed a New Political Elite?

Political-Elite Report

A study  on the origins and destinations of Assembly Members, reveals a number of important points about the origins of those politicians that represent us in the National Assembly. The study entitled Has Wales Developed a New Political Elite? Reveals, for instance, that almost half of the elected Assembly Members since the Assembly’s creation in 1999 (44 per cent) were county or city councillors prior to being elected. This included all two First Ministers and two of the three Deputy First Ministers. Read more by downloading the report below.

Download the Report here: 2711 GORWEL Destination Report

23.10.2016 | Turning MPs into AMs


Cutting Westminster to benefit Cardiff Bay: A Report in how many new Welsh Assembly Members could be gained by the cutting of eleven Members of the Westminster Parliament for Wales in 2020

This report, by the Welsh think tank Gorwel, indicates how the number of Assembly Members (AMs) can be increased without increasing the burden on Welsh tax payers.

Download the report here: gorwel-report-mp-am


02.09.2014 | The Future of the NHS

The Future of the NHS

The following publication is by the Political Studies Association but contains the work of Gorwel Chair, Dr. Axel Kaehne

One NHS, or Many? The National Health Service Under Devolution

Tony Blair once remarked that the NHS is ‘the healthcare system the world most envies’. But is there still one single NHS? As powers have been devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, what impact has devolution had on the NHS as a single national service? Gorwel Chair Dr Axel Kaehne investigates.

To access the publication click HERE


08.07.2014 | GORWEL Social Services


08.07.2014 | The Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Bill – A challenge unmet
The challenge of social services in Wales – Is the Social Services and Wellbeing (Wales) Act 2014 bold enough for the people of Wales?

Social care is one of the most important issues amongst the matters devolved to the National Assembly of Wales. Demographic changes and the shift from hospital based to community care services means that social services will face an unprecedented number of challenges in the next decade. The Welsh Government recently presented (and the Assembly approved) the Social Services and Well being Bill (Wales). The bill has now become an Act after gaining royal assent.

However, there has been some doubt amongst observers of Welsh social care legislation that the current Act sufficiently addresses the difficulties that lie ahead of social services in Wales. Although the emphasis on well being was broadly welcomed, and the Act tackled issues such as differential eligibility for social services and portable assessments, it also strengthened the ministerial control of the Welsh Government over local authority services.  The Health and Social Care working group paper argued that, within the context of a mixed economy delivery landscape and under conditions of individualised care provision, standardising care assessments and strengthening central control through the Welsh Government minister may be counterproductive.

The working paper was launched on 8 July 2014 with a presentation by Dr Axel Kaehne at Cardiff. This paper outlines some of the thinking behind the alternative pathway to an effective and efficient social care system in Wales that is spelled out in more detail in the working paper. Read the full publication on the pdf file edition.


15.04.2013 |  GORWEL_FSB_Planning



03.10.2013 | Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery
Gorwel’s submission to the Commission on Public Service Governance and Delivery, 3rd October 2013.
The submission comes from the working groups from the Gorwel conference on ‘Can Welsh Public Services Thrive Without the Market? Thursday, 3rd October 2013