What is Gorwel?

Founded in May 2012, Gorwel is a Welsh think tank based in Wales that seeks to encourage innovative thinking and creativity from across the political spectrum. It also plays a role in bringing national and international cultural, international relations, business and other assorted ideas and notions for public discussion in Wales. We also wish to promote ideas, studies and notions that will help make government and business policy and operations more effective and resource efficient in Wales.

Gorwel is not a lobbying organisation or pressure group. Our main purpose is to act as a platform to air new ideas or to inform people about existing topics they may not have been aware of. We also seek to encourage, were possible, researched papers that will bring forward new ideas or views that can help shape public and business affairs in Wales.

Gorwel is run by a management board that has representation from a number of the political parties represented in the Welsh Assembly and also non-political representatives. Its events are mainly held at the Welsh Assembly in Cardiff Bay, but there have also been events held across the Welsh capital and in Swansea and Caerphilly.



Gorwel is a non profit making company limited by guarantee which was registered in August 2012. Currently, Gorwel relies almost exclusively for its income on sponsorship for its public talks. Through this sponsorship we are able to bring in about £10,000 of income per annum. As you can see there are very few businesses that could survive on such a small level of income, let alone a think tank. Therefore if you share Gorwel’s aims on improving civic, business and political life in Wales then please contact us to discuss how you can support us and also help improve the public profile of your own organisation in the process. Please contact is through info@gorwel.co


Background to Gorwel

Gorwel was founded in April 2012 by three people: David Melding AM, Prof Russell Deacon and Dr Axel Kaehne. They were drawn together by the desire to provide a platform for all mainstream political views in Wales, which they felt at the time were being excluded in favour of the those from the centre left. It soon became evident, however, that it wasn’t just the centre and centre right that had difficulty finding a platform and therefore Gorwel’s remit soon broadened to include all non party and mainstream political parties views in Wales.

Gorwel’s aim and mission

Gorwel is an independent, non-party Welsh think tank whose mission is to set out a better way to deliver public services and economic prosperity in Wales.

  1. Where possible we want to develop Welsh solutions to Welsh problems drawing on the best research and expertise from both Wales and elsewhere.
  2. Our aim is to produce research of outstanding quality on the core issues of the economy, environment, health, education, public sector management and law and order and on the right balance between government and individual; and to communicate it to politicians and opinion formers in all parties and none in order to create a consensus for reform.
  3. We are determinedly independent and strictly non-party in our approach. We believe that there has been policy failure in relation to public services over a period of years under all governments, and we want to persuade all parties that there is a better way. Our non-party approach is reflected in our cross-party Committee.