Gorwel and BREXit


Gorwel and BREXit

Gorwel is a think tank that is here to encourage innovative thinking and examine topical debate on a number of issues. In this respect we have held and will continue to hold a number of events related to BREXit and Wales. This page will therefore hold details of some of these events and the discussions and ideas generated concerning BREXit and Wales.

If you would like to support any event connected with BREXit please contact us on talks@gorwel.co


Events and discussion post BREXit

On the 28th June 2016 a dinner/workshop was held at the Manor Parc Hotel Cardiff. The event was sponsored by Venture Wales. A number of senior Welsh business people, business organisations and related bodies attended. In the discussions a statement of principles was defined and adjusted in later discussions. The details of this can be accessed by clicking the link below:



Brexit Conference | 21.11.16

On the 21st of November Gorwel held a Brexit Conference at The Angel Hotel in Cardiff. The conference brought together feelings of optimism and a vision from some of the leading business figures within Brexit in Wales and the UK. Panel members also explored Brexit from a more pragmatic background and examined the potential pitfalls that Wales may face in the coming months and years.

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Has Brexit been trumped?
This article on Brexit has been written by Nicholas Sturrock a student studying at Kings College London.

Access PDF file by clicking here: nicholas-sturrock