Organisational Sponsorship

Gorwel is only able to operate through the sponsorship and support of organisations and individuals. At the moment this is around £18,000 per annum. We expect you’ll agree that this is a very small sum to run a Welsh think tank on and therefore you can see why we need your support.  The money you give pays for the running costs of Gorwel which includes the putting on of our free to enter events. As well as getting the publicity for sponsoring the event sponsors can also opt for a variety of additional benefits. The type and nature of these additional benefits can be discussed when the sponsor agrees to support an event. You may wish to sponsor an new event that does not feature on our events calendar and we would be open to discuss your suggestions and ideas.

If you’d like to sponsor an event please email to discuss issues further.

Corporate Membership

If you would like to become a corporate member, the details are contained on the attached form.

Gorwel Membership

Individual support

If you are an individual and want to support us then please go to the supporters page.


You can also donate directly to help Gorwel keep running by going to our donate page.


Sponsors who have provided over £500 sponsorship between August 2012 and present 

British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Cardiff Sixth Form College

Co-operative Society

Federation of Small Businesses

Positif Politics

Laura Ashley Family Trust

Lloyd George Society

National Lottery Fund

Northmace and Hendon

Swansea University

Times Newspapers

Venture Wales